P.O.Box 2001, Swakopmund     Tel: + 264-64-407223    Fax: + 264-64-407224     Email: townhoppers@iway.na

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To place your booking, please email us: townhoppers@iway.na 

Kindly provide the following details:
 1. Date of Travel
 2. Number of Passengers
 3. Route 
 4. With or without Door to Door service
 5. Method of payment 

- Terms and Conditions apply.

  • For safety measures we wish to avoid cash payments on the bus. 
  • Seats are limited, therefore we work on a pre payment basis only
  • Full payment is required before the actual date of travel with Town Hoppers
Payment Options

- Credit Card: once a booking has been made, kindly provide us with your credit card details including your credit card number, date of expiry and the cvc number. (last 3 digits on the back of your card)
  • For safety measures we recommend that the credit card info is sent in two different emails or faxed through to us. 
  • Bank Transfers: Full amount (including bank charges and transfer fees if applicable) to:

Town Hoppers cc / Bank Windhoek / accnr: 8003874104 / bc: 481772




last update: 05.07.2017


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