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Shuttle Service Terms and Conditions



* INFANTS up to 11 months:  FREE if infant sits on lap  
* INFANTS up to 11 months: If seat is occupied: 50% of full rate
No pick up / drop off charge
* ONE YEAR TO SIX YEARS: 50% of Full Rate (due to safety reasons / have to take own seat)
No pick up / drop off charge
* SEVEN YEARS TO TWELVE YEARS:  Junior Rates apply
* SPECIAL REQUESTS: To be discussed with management
* SAME DAY RETURN TRIP: Normal Rates / Free pick up and drop off  
* PETS: Generally no pets allowed
* UNATTENDED Luggage/parcels: We do not carry unattended luggage, parcels, Letters etc
Cancellation policy      (valid for the shuttle service)


* Cancellation three days prior to departure: Full Refund
* Cancellation two days prior to departure: 25% cancellation fee
* Cancellation one day prior to departure: 50% cancellation fee
* On date of travel: No Refund/Full Cancellation fees
Change of Booking


* LOW Season (February June): FREE of charge
* HIGH Season (July January): One day before date of travel:   N$50
Two days before date of travel: FREE
Travel Insurance


We recommend that all passengers have they own travel insurance.


Town Hoppers cc, their employees, agents and associates shall not be responsible for and shall be exempt from any liability in respect of loss, injury, accident, death, delay and inconvenience caused to any person or their luggage or other personal property whether the same shall occur and whether the same shall arise from or be occasioned by the negligence of Town Hoppers cc, their employee agents, associates or other persons indirectly in the employ or service of Town Hoppers cc or otherwise under any circumstances whatsoever.

last update: 05.07.2017


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